• the best wine tour in South Moravia
  • The Czech Republic goes beyond Beer & Prague

    Discover the hidden treasures of Prague and the Czech Republic with us. And there are many, much more than you think!

    We invite you to explore the untouched beauty of Prague and the two Czech wine regions of Bohemia and Moravia. You’ll be surprised by its terroir that makes very pleasant wines. Central Europe is rapidly becoming one of the trendiest wine regions to discover.

    Escape from beer! Historic wine-growing traditions, ideal geography and terroir made Prague one of the best European cities for wine lovers.  Prague is exactly the right location in Central Europe to experience the tantalizing combination of Czech wines paired with wine top cuisine.   It was Prince Wenceslas himself, the first of the Czech territorial patrons who rules in the 10th century, who founded the vineyards by Prague castle. With the reign of Charles IV, the kingdom of Bohemia saw viticulture grow as the King had an extensive knowledge about wine from his stays in France and Italy. Since then, Prague has always had a keen interest in wine. Be part of the growing trend and learn about the tiny yet beautiful vineyards in Prague

    Although it is just a small wine region – Bohemia boasts an interesting history and amazing sceneries with sumptuous castles and vineyards that spread over protected southern slopes near main rivers.

    South Moravia is certainly the Europe’s as-yet undiscovered wine region with a rich heritage of wine growing, tracing back to the Roman Empire period, quaint villages and hundreds of lush vineyards.

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